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Special & Custom Made Kitchen Knives


Aoko Honyaki Yanagi

This Yanagi knife is crafted with pure Blue Steel and comes with an Ivory Handle


ZDP189 Yanagi

This is our ZDP189 Yanagi that comes with a Snakewood handle with a silver cover, ivory ring, and a silver inlay design.


Ginsan-Ko Sakimaru

This Sakimaru is forged with Silver Steel Type #3 and comes with a rare & special wood handle with 3 silver rings


Ergonomic Design

An ergonomically designed handle creates a comfortable ago-migaki (heel) of the knife to best assist a chef and improve his or her stamina while at work.



●Ebony Saya

As we known,Ebony is solid wood, it increase the difficult to glue, a enoby saya could take a master a very long time from cutting to polishing. That is the reason for its high market value.


●Snakewood Saya

Snakewood is way harder than ebony,it is more difficult to glue, a Snakewood saya which is very rare , could take a master a very longer time from cutting to polishing.That is the reason for its high market value.


●Special Wood Saya

These Special rare wood could be as difficult to drill and glue as hon-ebony. Most of them need their own special process from cutting to polishing.As its unique looking, you cant find a same looking piece even in one block of wood



● This blade is made from Blue Steel and has a double-water buffalo horn handle with an ebony finish.
● We also offer this blade with White Steel and the same beautifully designed handle

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